Marinka Limat is a performative artist. At the center of his work is the interpersonal. His practice often moves to the limits of the performative realm: he walks on foot for long distances in the name of art, brings his work into people’s daily lives and sees meetings as moments of art.
He studied at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern and at the Kunsthochschule in Berlin-Weissensee. Today she lives in Freiburg, where she was born in 1983

In 2015 he made his second performance pilgrimage, Kunst-Pilger-Reise 2, Morat – Venice, 6 weeks, 832 km, following a long route largely set on the Via Francigena from Switzerland to the Venice lagoon, visiting and meeting along the street more than 80 art institutions and artists, including the headquarters of Areacrativa42, Casa Toesca.

The heart of the dialogue that Marinka Limat has set up with the institutions and artists on the street was the question “What is the capital of the arts?”, In relation to its goal, which is recognized by many as such. He took the answers with him, sewn into his pilgrim’s garment and recited them on November 21, 2015, at the entrance of the Gardens.

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