Luigi Citarrella
Moto Rettilineo Uniforme15 – 18 june 2017 

During his period of atelier at Casa Toesca, the Sicilian sculptor Luigi Citarrella conceived an installation in three rooms, site specific entitled MOTIF RETTILINEO UNIFORME.
Exploiting the imagery of the engine, particularly fitting for the Piedmont area, which has lived through the epic and the myth of automotive industrialization, it has outlined bodies and objects in plaster through the molding technique, creating a path in the balance between ideality and materiality.
The works of Citarrella, which taken in their singularity could seem almost finds of an industrial archeology, capitals or bas-reliefs of an aesthetic of the machine, are actually the moment of a metamorphosis, which if on the one hand implement the concept of transformation, from the other refer to an immobile state intrinsic to the human condition. The works on display seek to represent the state of our society continuously suspended between the will to transform itself and the immobility of personal consciences, a state that can only be overcome by the imagination, understood as the “prime mover” and considered the fuel of today society from which each individual can draw the energy necessary to act.

Luigi Citarrella is a sculptor, in the most “classic” sense of the term. His path began very young, in laboratories and foundries where he learned the first technical rudiments; he attended the Academy of Palermo, growing in close contact with the masters Totò Rizzuti and Giuseppe Agnello and participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions; in 2011 he was selected for the Venice Biennale curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

During the project a collaboration was activated with the Library and the Readers’ Club of Rivarolo Canavese which led to a program of readings in dialogue with the exhibited works. The readings have been agreed between the library managers and the artist.
During his period of work at Casa Toesca, Citarrella had the opportunity to exchange experiences with the artist Enrico Minguzzi, Armando De La Garza and Diego Zangirolami.
His project was coordinated by Karin Reisovà and Marco Petrocchi.