April – May – June 2014

Proposals for activities for kindergarten, primary school, middle scholl and high school


On the occasion of the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of one of the most important italian artists and mailartists, Guglielmo Achille Cavellini (known as GAC), the Cultural Association Areacreativa42 proposes to schools the activity “Tribute to GAC.”

The activities can also be achieved within the classes and consists of two parts:

– a theoretical part dedicated to the artist and the artistic context of his time (with a brief introduction on the Mail Art for classes that have not participated in Mail Art project proposed for the year 2012-2013)
– a workshop that provides personalization by the students of the postcards that the Association has received  from Franco Moreno (mailartist), and the development of a personalized stamp. The theme of the postcard is “Tribute to Cavellini.”
These postcards will then be sent in a parcel to Franca and Emilio Morandi, mail artists who have contributed to our first edition of the Mail Art project.
The purpose of the activity is to maintain the active circuit of Mail Art.


Only the theoretical part: duration 45 minutes, free participation
Theory and workshop: duration of about 2 hours, contribution of € 1 per participant for the material.

The number of participants must be from 10 to 25 participants and accompanied by the teacher for the duration of the activity. The participation must be agreed by telephone.
The students must be covered by insurance.

The activity will take place in Rivarolo Canavese, Casa Toesca Via Ivrea 42.

In the event that the class is unable to reach the gallery, we give the possibility to carry out the activity within the school.
At the end of the project the postcards will be exhibited at the Association’s headquarters. The date will be communicated to the schools.

For informations and inscription

Chiono Giulia +39/ 347 3563520

or  atelierpedagogico@areacreativa42.it