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The photographic exposition Giù il Sipario!, is the Stefania Falsone’s project, it becomes a way to reflect and reason about what’s means today make photography, how can an artist work if he have to photograph a lot of different aspects? How can he how it can bring them together in a single homogeneous project? How can we take a speaking photo?

These tematics, together to the Stefania Falsone’s loved thoughts (the abandonment, the decay and the modification of places of show once in vogue) have been discussed with students, that then did a pratic lab about it. Students had the work of seek a theme and take a photo to  tell it better they can; they chose themes like frienship, nature and the passing time, inspiring also thanks to the beautiful context of Casa Toesca.

The photographes have been print in loco, while students created an interweaving of red thread between the rooms in which the exposition was, using doors, windows and radiators, they have been photographer for one day; after printing, the pictures have been hanging to the red thread, that connected all the photos in the room.

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