AU1 is the exhibition organised by Areacreativa42 from the 21th of November to the 20th of December, with a selection of 12 Italian and foreign artists reflecting, with their works, on the theme of gold and vanity.

Gold as a colour of prestige, richness, glory, but even of energy, the holy and divine, the incorruptible and quality, elements that are all intrinsic and perceptible in the sculpted, photographic and pictorial representations exhibited at Casa Toesca.

Sandro Bracchitta imagines forms and creates metaphors that are linked to his everyday life, unlike the dreamlike visions of Ernesto Morales and the dynamic conception of life interpreted as evolution from the origins by Giorgio Ramella. The unbridled and elegant sculptures by Sergio Ragalzi converse with the Caravaggio vanities by the photographer Mauro Davoli, and the minimalist flower by Masayuki Koorida offers a deep sensorial experience. Fluid and sometimes mysterious are the photographs by Carmen Cardillo, while the romantic and tactile tapestries are made by Svetlana Kuliskova who enriches with gold threads the rough canvases with an ecological-correct view.