curated by Valeria Ceregini

The collective exhibition De Natura, curated by Valeria Ceregini, intends to bring together three different painters from heterogeneous cultural contexts, the Dutch Evi Vingerling, the Italian Daniele Fabiani and the Chinese Chen Li, to show how they differently influence the relationship between art and nature and like vernacular traditions, social and cultural situations alter the perception of nature in art and vice versa. Singular artistic practices and new inspirations lead the public on a journey into an ancient context, such as that of Villa Vallero, through new works of art.

The notion of nature has always been linked to human history: from the first “wild” and “domestic” dualism during the nomadic culture, then reaching the “Ager et Silva” during the Roman Empire up to the modern age, where this differentiation remains the subject of study. A new debate on art and nature will take place to show how social perception has changed the experience of their borders in recent centuries. It will be interesting to see how contemporary art is renewed, and with it also its technique and evaluation, dematerializing or, on the contrary, becoming more tangible to enter a more historical and social dimension. This exhibition will explore the natural environment through the color and the unique sign of each individual artist involved and, moreover, will be animated by a series of symposia and talks focused on the idea of ​​this exhibition project.