Entropy, Matej Frank
curated by Andrea Fenu and Karin Reisovà

Areacreativa42 is pleased to present the exhibition on Entropia performance by the Czech artist Matej Frank, winner of the special prize of the fourth edition of the ART PRIZE CBM.

The artist was hosted by Areacreativa42 from 14 to 28 June for an artist residency project in collaboration with the Barriera Association of Turin, where he  performed a performance focused on the theme of entropy: his work is a visual representation of the natural phenomenon, a simple interpretation of what surrounds us but to which we cannot give physicality; performance is the useful means to accomplish this task, which Matej takes charge of.

Entropia is also a tribute dedicated to the 30 years of the Galeria Entropia of Wrocław in Poland.

The exhibition will be open until Sunday 28 October by appointment, we also remember the related side events:

• Sunday 7 October, 5pm: Spritz Art and lecture on the theme “Performance” held by the young curator Andrea Fenu;
• Saturday 13 October, 3 pm-7pm: Contemporary day, open exhibition


Matej Frank is a Polish visual artist, born in 1989, works in Wrocław in Poland and lives in Opava, in the Czech Republic.

The residency project was carried out in collaboration with the Barrier Association in whose space the performance “Entropia” was able to perform.

The performance, which began as a tribute to the “Galeria Entropia” art gallery in Wrocław, was streamed from the Barrier Association room to the Polish gallery; the artist dedicated his work to the thirtieth year of activity of the gallery, every aspect of it is studied so that it is a clearly legible and descriptive performance of the entropy phenomenon.

Matej Frank’s working method is very simple and at the same time demanding and complex: his works, whether they are actions, sculptures, paintings, all start from the basic idea of ​​telling a certain phenomenon, a certain experience. The artist finds the primary source of his work in the world and in its changes: he deals with space in relation to time, movement, body and sound.

For the performance “Entropia” Matej drew inspiration primarily from the book “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking, which led him to take an interest in a visual transposition of the entropy phenomenon, the measure of the degree of balance achieved by a system at any given moment.

In the realization of the work at the Barrier Association, the artist chose to paint 1,500 black and white dots on the wall (a number that is not random, but which represents the figure of each event for 30 years in this part of the Galeria Entropia), deleting and replacing them from time to time, until you get to the perfect balance between the two colors.

The performative act began to interest Matej after sculpture, his favorite medium: movement in space is an excellent means for a visual artist who wants to explore new types of communication in correlation with structures, which can be open to improvisation or previously prepared, as in this case, also with the help of drawings that illustrate what will happen, the result you want to achieve.

Matej is interested in visual language, taking a given phenomenon and transposing it, translating it for the beholder.

Matej’s art is his way of looking at the world, a universal but purely subjective point of view, which can be shared and gives space to different interpretations: “My art can be understood on different levels, I don’t hide the meaning of my job”.

Andrea Fenu