29 MAY – 29 JUNE

Migrant Heads – Cristiano Piccinelli

curated by Elisabetta Chiono

Areacreativa42 welcomes the sculptures of Cristiano Piccinelli , that will populate, animate and enliven the exhibition space.
The title of this exhibition is Migrant Heads, recalling the work of this artist from Turin, who’s been busy for years to complete his research with the creation of small modular heads, that can be assembled in sculptures or installations either in resin, clay, bronze, ceramic or silver.

The result?
A series of works that transport you to a timeless journey, extremely realistic, but also ironic and engaging. A path made of many small heads, each different from the others, which tells of individuals and of their relationships.

In everyday life the relationships between people are often complicated and disappointing, filled with former delusions that make us unwilling to fully trust each other.  Cristiano represents these feelings through his sculptures, finding what he calls a sense of freedom and loss of self consciousness.

Looking at his sculptures we’re pervaded by the feeling of a unique current, of an understanding between individuals despite their diversity, and of a research that, however, doesn’t have an ending point.

There’s indeed a starting point with the site specific installation in the opening, catalyzer element and fulcrum of the exhibition-project, that leads to the first sculpture: migrant heads. From this work we can find the little heads and their path to an undefined destination, forever unreachable.


Visiting the exhibition an empathic link between the sculptures and the observer naturally arises, in such a way to create a condivision of intents, a paradoxical reflection of their space into ours or, why not, the other way around.

The titles of the works help even more to understand all this, to hint the goals of the little heads and their prearranged fate: nomina sunt consequentia rerum.

Every single individual on show is different from the others, each one telling his own story through his sculpture and listening to us in a different way and giving us a bit of irony and enjoyment: most likely that sense of freedom described by Cristiano.

Elisabetta Chiono
Shows part of the project ” Young Curators ” – Areacreativa42