14 June – 6 July 2014

Reconstruction by Giacomo Modolo

curated by Elisabetta Chiono

Characterized by an apparent falsification and deconstruction of representation, the works of Giacomo Modolo actually depict subjects and objects which have a vivid spatial and figurative concreteness.
The artist expresses himself in a synthesis of shapes and colors that gives life to human figures contextualized in environments without visible references, a result of the imagination and insight of the artist.
This leads to a materialization of thought that manifests itself first with the design, through what he calls the “sign”. Following the painting, that gives shape and volume in a perfect balance, capable of representing the internal dynamism of the composition.
The subjects are moving within the painting, in a conscious elaboration and representation of stories, experiences and memories that have been narrated and subsequently reinterpreted in the contemporary world.
Themes such as war or fascism are the subjects of the paintings, although moments that the artist didn’t personally live but that he wants to represent at all costs, and he does with incredible clarity, in an atmosphere of realism and strong sense of the dramatic experiences depicted.
The role of the artist is transformed into the ambivalent figure of a passive interlocutor, but also of an active novelist who makes, with the images, the others participant of what he has been told or shown.
The movements and postures are heavy, so are the bodies, the blurred faces hypnotic, wanting to be looked at. We’re inevitably spectators of their experiences.
The exhibition is a journey into the past, into the experiences of individuals becoming, a bit at a time, knowledge of a present moment and a lesson for the future, so that the historical memory continues to live again.
The result of the artist’s work is nevertheless of great freedom, supported by deep thoughts.
The strong introspective of Giacomo and his growing career, have convinced Arecreativa42 to make this exhibition part of the project “Young curators”.

Interest in his work had already been detected during the 2013 Carlo Bonatto Minella Art Prize organized by Areacreativa42 and with Vittorio Sgarbi as president of the jury when, among more than 800 artists, Giacomo was selected as a finalist in the under 30 category with the work The truce.

Elisabetta Chiono