Riccardo Cordero  Masayuki Koorida. 14 sculture da camera
curated by Michelle Lai and Karin Reisovà

Thursday the 3rd of April at 6 pm with the artists
Exhibition continues till 25 of May.

The exhibition “14 sculture da camera” will take place few months after an important retrospective dedicated to Riccardo Cordero at Filatorio of Caraglio in Piedmont (Italy) and during the preparation of two important personal exhibitions, of both artists, in Valencia (Spain) in 2015.

It’s a selection of small works, proofs for monumental sculptures and some drawings realised between 2006 and now. The sculptures by Riccardo Cordero are made of bronze and serve as a study for the big sculptures made of stainless steel and corten steel. The ones of Masayuki are made of white and black marble and bronze.

The title emphasises the restricted number of works: 14 sculptures.

What can justify today this diligence for such a small event compared to the number of visitors of bigger exhibitions and the diffusion of a growing number of virtual art galleries in the web?
What can we say with this exhibition? What does this project move?
The answer is the awareness of showing in a location, unique for his atmosphere, two artists that are united by reciprocal esteem and friendship, different in age and culture that for the first time exhibit together.

The universal languages used by Riccardo Cordero and Masayuki Koorida are not proposed here in the well known dimension of monumental sculptures surrounded by urban architecture or natural landscapes, but in the snug and antiques rooms of Casa Toesca, next to windows overlooking an exclusive garden: exclusive as this exhibition is.

The works shown in this location welcome the visitor with a rhythm that moves from the perfect, full and sensual shapes of Koorida, pleasing to the touch, to the open, strong and intense ones of Cordero, that ask the eye for a research of links.

The connection between the sculptures became intimate and fascinating.
The viewer is captured by the perfection of the marble enclosed in the volumes and by the exploded iron, and is invited to caress the profiles to feel the softness and to retrace the artist’s gesture.

This is possible only in Sculture da camera.

Michelle Lai and Karin Reisovà