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Marseilles artist Clementine Carsberg was in residence between November 2014 and March 2015. Her residence was marked by the meeting and the dialectical relationship with the photographer Carmen Cardillo: two languages, cultural contexts and rules in dialogue.


Carmen Cardillo’s photographic exhibition in Catania concludes the Secret de famille project, artist’s residence at Clémentine Carsberg’s Casa Toesca. The Marseilles artist meditated on the issues of the passage of time and memory, in search of the traces of those who inhabited the ancient estate, and who currently inhabit it, taking advantage of the space of the lemon house. In November 2014, in the period in which Turin annually dedicates maximum visibility to contemporary art with Artissima, Areacreativa42 had opened the rooms of Casa Toesca for a double appointment entirely for women. Clémentine had inaugurated the installation in the space of the “small house limonaia”, while Carmen on the first floor had her personal photography exhibition. Her focus was on the work “Secret de famille” that after Areacreativa42 was exhibited at the Multipurpose Cultural Center of the Palazzo della Culture of Catania. Acute observer and lover of what she calls the “archaeological traces” herself, Clémentine drew inspiration from a room on the second floor of Casa Toesca, the “attic”, for the realization of an installation in papier peint. The wallpaper, a distinctive feature of its production, is the material that best combines with the meditation conducted on the signs of time that run through the house, an operation that is summarized in the title of the residence. Discrete tracks, just suggested that are loaded with universal meanings, without telling a too precise story. Clémentine offers us a new interpretation of space: papier peint, a humble and everyday material, has the potential to hide the visible and confuse the viewer. Carmen’s discreet and silent presence, her observations and sensitivity were of fundamental importance and contributing to the development of the project. Her photographs are intended to restore that sense of initial discovery, of revelation born in the encounter with the attic. I am excited about this project, the artistic process that involved us, coordinated by Martina Furno, a young art historian. The artist’s residence in this case was a complete immersion in work, without distractions and, when Carmen arrived, she also shared a total time of the project for her. The photographic exhibition and the catalog tell us of the suspended climate, the fascinating discovery of an ancient place, the tension of the creative moment and the amazement of decontextualization; the project has no boundaries and this is the true meaning of this profound and fascinating experience.

Karin Reisovà


I was reading a thriller, like during my first stay at Casa Toesca, when I made a parallel and I smiled: looking for a “good” idea of ​​a work of art, designed for a specific place, comes close to solving a puzzle.
The enigma of the work suited to this place – as if you were to discover something existing for this particular place. A treasure hunt in collecting photographs, stories and anecdotes of the place, preferences, obstacles, amusements …
The Limonaia is not an easy space: exposed directly on the garden, with the dark tiles that also cover the benches masonry and warm lighting from the lights on the ceiling. But every place is a place in its own way and I like to accept the challenge of creating something specifically designed for a space and its peculiarities. What surprises me every time is a contradictory feeling. When I offered myself, as on this occasion, a space, a time and trust – a great freedom of action to achieve what I want – on the one hand a reassuring wind of motivation carries me and pushes me; on the other, a paralysis presents itself in front of these infinite possibilities of realizable works, which I should channel in my incubator to reveal what seems appropriate to the event, at the moment, to the space. Appropriate in and of itself.
Find a comfortable position, in balance between this void and this full …

Clementine Carsberg

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