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Elias Santis is a contemporary Argentine painter, in residence at Casa Toesca from 13 October to 20 November 2017.

Please find below some abstract from the interview with the young curator Giulia Cordò.

G: “Let’s talk about your current situation, have you agreed to participate in this artist’s residence in a country far away and different from your home, do you think that the foreign neighborhood does fit you?”
E: “[…] What happened here, apart from being so far away, gave me time and time to be very much with myself, because here there’s nothing
that distracts you, I was able to see it in the people who surrounded me and the truth is that they are not so different compared to Santiago del Chile, I felt in a very familiar environment, both for those who stayed with me around, that for the landscape and also in everyday life. ”
G: “And has the surrounding landscape stimulated you for the painting you have done this month?”
E: “yes, the natural landscape, each person dresses in a certain color, paints their home in a certain color and they too are part of the landscape: this has stimulated me a lot, a lot from having changed the brush stroke of my style; I think there will be a before and after in my painting after this residence, in particular as regards the colour. ”
G: “So can you say that you have placed stones for the future?”
E: “It is very nice what you say because I think exactly like that, stone by stone. […] ”

Elías Santis, born in 1980 in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He studied art at the National University Institute of Art in Argentina. He has exhibited in personal exhibitions such as, among the most important, “Terrícolas”, Galería Animal (Santiago de Chile, 2010), “Orbita Prima”, Mite Gallery (Buenos Aires, 2011), “Lune”, RT & W Gallery (Berlin , 2013). He has also participated in group exhibitions such as “Circular Project”, Palais de Glace (Buenos Aires, 2012) “Cosmos”, Volkerkunde Museum (Hamburg, 2012), “Medial Arts Biennial”, National Museum of Fine Arts (Santiago de Chile 2017) and “Stanze”, Italian Institute of Culture (Santiago de Chile, 2018). In his work he explores the abstract and invisible nature of human beings and beings in general, by means of paintings, which employ colours, figures, symbolic stories and allegories. Shadow and light, earth and sky. Everything contains a silent meaning.

Alcuni schizzi realizzati dall’artista durante al sua residenza.

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