17 September – 27 November 2011

The Garden of Art, Sculptures by Raffaele Mondazzi
curated by Karin Reisovà

The sculptures by Mondazzi,essential and offices, are located in the bucolic garden, under the old magnolia with the background of imperfect walls that mark the years. The place that welcomes you with its size and collection of real life, invites the visitor to observe the works carefully to the proposed theme of the opposites: good and evil, light and dark, the light and the heavy, l ‘ethereal and dream against gravity. In the garden the works “monumental” in the sense of Monera as a warning and memory and are an intimate dimension that allows us to capture the result of the comparison between the artist and the subject.

Once Mondazzi said, citing Franco Fanelli “… a sculpture devoid of the outer coat of uniformitarianism, woven of doubt, of not belonging, of putting into crisis vocabulary in use today in the contemporary official ..”.