11 September – 3 October 2010

ELECTRICAL LANDS, sculptures by Marco Giannini
curated by Karin Reisovà Chiono and Livio Girivetto

Areacreativa42 re-open a season full of great projects, confirms commitment to Karin Reisovà and Livio Girivetto only bet on events in the art of great quality. Having stunned the audience with the proposal of the Belgian sculptor , Van de Put , who with his elephant in tires car has bewitched ten thousand visitors, now Casa Toesca re-opens its doors with Marco Giannini Turin with a staff of sculptures ironic and curious.
You can not say that the work of Marco Giannini is a recent discovery of the art world , or the result of new strategies of patronage , created a table , Marco Giannini is a confirmation, an acknowledgment to all intents and purposes , a fragment of culture Turin who with wisdom and independence , you’re never tied to fixed routes , art market , preferring in the early nineties, with the support his wise modeled ,
artistic experience to say the least alternatives. Not only is remarkable sculptor , Marco Giannini, in June 1992 , accompanied by Richi Ferrero , a theater director , a Turin abuzz with ” Princes, Princesses , and principles di’incendio ” , one of the first representations on the water that the Po ‘ were proposed , well before launch or automobile parties along its banks . Then two years later, Giannini was again involved as the author of sculptural forms that inhabit the installation ” ethnic streetcar desire ” , Tram urban transformed into the stage space , and is of scenic space that the sculpture by Marco Giannini feeds , forerunner of creative ideas traits from live performances : today theme so dear to the most renowned contemporary art curators who see performance artist , the ultimate expression of contemporary art .
Old stuff , say Marco Giannini with the maturity of thirty years of sculpture , let it express its value remains ever ” work” by donating to ‘work the true artistic value and not an event exhibitionism often sterile extemporaneous .
New threshold , perhaps, or just experience on the cyclical nature of trends .