8 – 31 May 2009

A real story of ordinary madness – Design by Diego Maria Gugliermetto
curated by Karin Reisovà and Livio Girivetto

They were the fabulous 70s, for some reason fabulous, perhaps because we were younger, and I was standing behind a sales counter. I sold the light and I liked it so much. The contact with customers, who often asked for advice , I liked it, I liked it a lot especially when you are not asking the obvious but strange things and even a little crazy. In the end even I’m a little crazy. The customer favorite  furniture are strange objects from outside of the head. That’s nice when you come to me on the famous R4 and saw these strange things , designed by crazy people , made ​​by one of their craziest and appreciated by an incompetent in terms of art like me. Is incompetent , but still crazy as them.
Often came to buy with a baby in tow, a child very lively and curious, touching everything and did a lot of questions and, to be honest, broke a little. But, you know, kids are kids and you have to understand them and bear them . Children are sponge and they learn a lot more from the environment and from school, you have to listen to him because they are our future .

The years go by and every time I meet that child now grown, once sold me a wardrobe that everyone thinks is a shower room, in fact it looked like a shower, but believe me, it was just a closet. They spend more years, always fabulous, and the child is now a father but still a bit ‘ crazy trying to grow and has the sad idea to ask for advice to an old friend who continues to play with the light. He had never done so, now they are two, playing with light and often amusing touches on how to illuminate the other side of the moon.
We are in the fabulous third millennium  with a great economic crisis, because full of fantastic opportunities that are just waiting to be collected, and the two Zany continue to play. The old boy carving fantastic shapes in the foam of the old and the child tries to exploit the curvature of space-time to send a beam of light of the moon on the other do .

But the fools who are they? Those who try, try, try, do, inventing, live, make mistakes, and so on. Or those who allow themselves to go through life without doing anything close to take it by the horns ?
This is not a eulogy to madness but a shameless self-congratulation .
Hello, Diego.

Leonardo Zanino