30 January – 28 February 2010

SCULPTURE Olivier Bataille and Saskia Van Der Made
curated by Karin Reisovà and Livio Girivetto

He was born in Paris in 1951 and graduated from the High School of Graphic Arts in 1978. Architect and interior designer has done the profession until 1993. Then devote himself entirely to sculpture. He exhibited from 1985 and in 1990 he created his first sculpture in marble as a result of the experience carried out in Carrara . He lives and works in the south of France. His sculptures are deliberately kept to a minimum .  The creative act , the direct shear , are nothing more than a continuation of what nature has already begun.

Watch the rough appearance of the stone, he works some parts , leaving traces of the sources of departure from which he found inspiration free without processing the result.
He says his work is to sculpture as the sketch Play the design .
The result is evocative of sculptures from marble petrified humanity .

Saskia was born in 1963 in Ridderkerk in the Netherlands. She spent her childhood on Lake Frisons and this contact with nature has characterized her taste for organic forms . From her father craftsman boat builder has inherited the love for the material, the sense of volume and the search for ” de la belle ouvrage .”
Self-taught, in 1992 in Carrara discovered her passion for sculpture in marble with direct cutting .
The nobility and the hardness of the marble become the means for the artist to express the essence of their secretive nature. Her temperament is affirmed through the abstract sculpture while maintaining a feminine sensuality . And ‘ This is a source of research, a dualism between the artist and the subject that leads to the creation of the work, in total freedom , as in a pregnancy that generates a feeling of completeness.